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Bare Is Better

All of our almonds are California born and California bred, and our almond butters are made right here in sunny California, surrounded by the beautiful almond trees on our Farmer’s ranches.

We start with the highest grade and quality almond you can get and then we make it even better than you thought possible by blanching it.

We call it our almond evolution, and we’re glad you’ve joined us! BARNEY blanched almond butters have a taste and texture completely unique to BARNEY. Extra smooth, no grittiness, and no bitterness from the roasted skin. You just have to taste the difference. Along our journey of re-imaging the familiar, we’ve come up with some pretty tasty spins on our classic almond butter.

In these small-batch blends we use the following amazing ingredients:

Fair-Trade, Organic Espresso Beans

Fair-Trade, Organic Cane Sugar

Non-GMO Chia

Non-GMO Flax


Non-GMO, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

Non-GMO, Allergen-Free Chocolate (Enjoy Life Chocolate Mini Chips)