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The pick: Barney Butter varieties of almond butter


Why they rate: Only the best grades of California almonds are used for Barney Butter products, and the company credits the almond butter’s smooth, creamy texture to a blanching process that removes the skins of the nuts. That also eliminates phytic acid, which can cause digestion difficulties for some people.

Barney Butter is available in Smooth, Crunchy, Bare Smooth, Bare Crunchy and a delicious new Chocolate almond butter. The “bare” varieties have no added salt or sugar. All products are certified gluten free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO verified.


Info: A 10-ounce jar of Barney Butter is about $9.99. Available in 10-ounce jars, 16-ounce jars, snack packs and dip cups at retailers nationwide including Sprouts, Whole Foods and Vons markets, and online at and

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