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Jeanne Paulino - Northwestern University

It's no secret that I am a nut butter aficionado. Although I love all types (think peanut butter, hazelnut butter and pistachio butter), almond butter holds a special place in my heart. Almond butter, which is full of protein and healthy fats, tends to be pricey. On the hunt for affordable almond butter, I discovered Barney Butter.

About Barney Butter

Peanuts are one of the most common allergies, especially among kids. Although there are various nut spreads that are not peanut-based, many are not made in peanut-free facilities. So, those with peanut allergies can still have an allergic reaction. This is not the case with Barney Butter, a California-based, all-natural almond butter company. Its products are made in an 100% peanut-free facility. Dawn and Steve Kelley, the company's founders, aim to provide safe-to-eat, nutritious spreads. Oh, and did I mention Barney Butter supports its community by purchasing almonds from local growers. These small-batch spreads are produced with care, and the company even picks BPA-free plastic containers to store the spread. It all sounds too good to be true, so I decided to sample four of its products to determine if the taste lives up to the high ethical standards of the company.

Smooth Almond Butter

I began this taste-testing journey with Barney Butter's Smooth Almond Butter. It's simple, yet delectable. With the addition of organic cane sugar and sea salt, this product is the perfect post-workout snack. Plus, all of Barney Butter's spreads use blanched almonds(almonds without the skins) to create a smooth, non-gritty product. #SpoonTip: Eat it straight out of the jar, or atop a slice of toast for a balanced snack.

Bare Smooth Almond Butter

On a major health grind? The Bare Smooth Almond Butter is the perfect product for you because it doesn't contain added sugar or salt. The only ingredients are blanched almonds and palm oil. Add it to your protein shakes or smoothie bowls without unnecessary ingredients.

Crunchy Almond Butter

In all honesty, I prefer crunchy over smooth. To those on the opposing side, sorry to burst your bubble but crunchy nut butter proves more multi-faceted and interesting on the palate. I'm always looking for a crunchy almond butter, and Barney Butter is the first brand I've seen do this. The company's crunchy almond butter is divine, innovative and gives a nice textured component.

Almond Butter Dip Cups

Barney Butter creates on-the-go almond butter dip cups that contains 2 tablespoons, which is a suggested serving size of the company's spreads. These tiny snacks are great for both portion control and for busy mornings when you can't spend a ton of time preparing a meal. This is perfect for busy college students.

Almond Butter Snack Packs

Like many people, the mid-afternoon lull hits me almost daily. To fuel myself through classes and work, I reach for these Almond Butter Snack Packs. These little guys contain a tablespoon of your favorite flavor (I've heard great things about the Honey + Flax one). This snack will hold you over until dinner rolls around. After sampling these four products, I can honestly say that Barney Butter is going to become your go-to almond butter company. It has an amazing philosophy that you taste with every bite of almond butter, and you've got to try it out to truly experience what this company is all about. Read Jeanne Paulino's Full Article Here!

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