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Organic Authority

If finding the very best type of nut butter is making you, well, a little nuts, then you’ve come to the right place. Nut butter is big and delicious business (sales of the nutty stuff is projected to increase 65 percent from 2013-2018 to hit $6.5 billion by 2018), and your options are seemingly limitless. Whether you’re in the mood for creamy, crunchy, natural, organic, no-stir, powdered, allergen free, bee friendly, flavored, or whatever, there is a nut butter out there for you–even if you’re allergic to nuts!

Not All Nut Butters Are Created Equal

Nut butters are a deliciously health food. There’s nothing better to slather on toast, drizzle on oatmeal, or eat (mindfully) by the spoonful. Choosing a nut or seed butter as a healthy snack along with a delicious carbohydrate, like apple slices or whole grain toast, will satisfy cravings and keep your hangry outbreaks at bay. Even better, consuming nuts is linked to a variety of health benefits including reduced risk of heart disease, hypertension, cancer, inflammation, and cholesterol-lowering effects. Nutritionally speaking, nut butters are nutrient packed and contain between six to nine grams of protein per a two-tablespoon serving, along with B vitamins, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and a variety of minerals like calcium and iron. Read the full article by clicking here.

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