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Barney Butter 24 – 0.6 oz Bare Smooth Almond Butter

Bare Smooth Snack Pack

Pure, Smooth & Spreadable. No added salt or sugar. Even better for baking, or smoothies.

OK, let’s say you love the texture and quality of Barney Butter, but you quit sugar or your doctor banned sodium from your diet. The “Bares” are for you. Enjoy the same Barney texture and quality without the added sugar or salt. The “Bares” are also a great addition to other foods that may already have sugar or salt (smoothies, cookies, ice cream, oatmeal, sauces, etc.).

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Blanched Roasted Almonds, Palm Fruit Oil.

Nutrition facts are based on the 0.6 oz. size.
Bare Smooth 0.6 oz.