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Barney Butter Ambassadors

Barney Butter Ambassadors share a passion for well-balanced lifestyles, fueled by active endeavors, healthful ingredients, and the power of the almighty almond.

These friends of Barney Butter swear by our products for everyday recipes, race-day goodness and promoting the power of allergy awareness. Together we’ll spread the love.

All BB Influencers

Brianna Wolin - Gluten Free

As someone who has lived with type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and multiple food allergies for decades, Brianna uniquely accesses the niche young professional community living with multiple autoimmune diseases that affect one’s relationship with food. By showcasing the best of low carb, gluten free and allergy–friendly products and restaurants through social media promotion, reviews, giveaways, recipe development, meal planning, and more, Brianna rivals the declaration she hears all too often— “I could never do that!”— and shows her international audience that she’s really learned how to “do that.”

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Bare Crunchy

Karen - Gluten Free

I'm Karen, the creator behind the Healthy Gluten-Free Family. I combine a passion for healthy living and healthy food with our Celiac son's need to eat 100% Gluten-Free. I share whole and real food recipes and ideas. My mission is to show that eating Gluten-free can be easy, delicious and healthy. My family first fell in love with Barney Butter using it to make the Bliss Balls we eat nearly every day. We enjoy all the flavors on everything from toast to smoothies to yogurt bowls. We also love the Almond Flour for baking.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Smooth, Vanilla + Espresso

Karlie - Healthy Eating

I created to share my creations in the kitchen. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and finding out I had to maintain a gluten-free diet rocked my world. I found that all of the products out there tasted akin to cardboard, and I was still getting over the fact that food had been making me so sick. I learned to start making more food at home, and my cooking journey began. These days, there are so many amazing gluten-free options out there and I certainly utilize them. However, I still maintain my love for home cooking and creating new gluten-free treats. I hope to share those recipes with you, and all of the tips I’ve learned along the way for making a gluten-free diet more accessible.

Pegah - Personal Trainer

Having struggled with orthorexia for six years, Pegah has a heart for women of all ages who have or has had an eating disorder. In 2015. she made peace with her body and decided it was time to make a change. Thanks to her faith and the support of her loved ones, she overcame this, discovering self-love, body positivity and balance.

Jaime - Nutritionist

Jaime is a registered dietitian and has been practicing in South Florida since 2010. Having struggled with nutrition herself Jaime knows firsthand what it’s like to be fighting against your own body, to feel like you’re out of options, and not sure who or where to turn to for help. It was her dream to create a place where people could always feel like their questions and concerns would not only be answered, but would be a priority.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Honey + Flax

Rebecca - Healthy Eating

I’m Rebecca, a former fat girl on a mission to encourage women to harvest happy relationships with food. I’m here to share with you simple, time-saving recipes that happen to be good for you! 

Rita - Parent / Food Allergy

I am a Las Vegas-based food blogger, Greek mom of a 4-year-old peanut allergic daughter, and struggles with celiac's herself. As a cook by trade and food blogger, I’ve learned to always try my best, be creative, and never give up. My mission is to prove to the world that special diets don't need to be boring or restrictive.

Amy - Parent / Food Allergy

Amy Billington is a warrior mama championing the allergy friendly cause for both those who care and those who just don’t know they care YET. She’s a globe-trotting, forward thinking marketing guru who thrives on empowering women, educating families and promoting smiles. Her spunky kiddos and husband make her belly laugh daily and she looks to the successes in her own family when advising and encouraging fellow allergy families.

Tracy - Parent / Food Allergy

Tracy Bush is the author of Allergy Phoods. As a food allergy consultant, author, blogger, mother, and self-professed "kitchen geek," her website and media pages are a mixture pf product reviews, recipes, and advice mixed with a tinge of humor.

Shirley - Athlete

I am a husband and the father of two daughters. In addition to being a personal trainer, I’m both a certified yoga instructor and Olympic weightlifting coach. Nutrition is the key to any successful fitness plan, and that is why I choose Barney Butter. Not only is it good for you, it tastes delicious. A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, I now reside in Columbia, Maryland.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:


Tyler + Liz - Healthy Eating

Tyler Marino and Liz Falcigno are the creators behind The Clean Eating Couple. After being fed up with feeling unhealthy - they decided to make a change in their diets and never looked back. They spend their time creating simple, healthy recipes in hopes of motivating others to make similar changes in their lives. You can find them eating Barney Butter Cocoa + Coconut on top of wheat bread with strawberries almost every morning for breakfast!

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Cocoa + Coconut, Vanilla + Espresso, Honey + Flax

Laura - Parent / Healthy Eating

Laura is the blogger behind JoyFoodSunshine. She is a wife and mom of three kids ages 5 and under, which means life for her is always a party! She creates and shares fast, easy, and healthy recipes that are kid tested and husband approved. Her mission: to show that healthy-living and eating while raising kids is delicious and fun! Barney Almond Butter is, hands down, the best on the market.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Bare Smooth

Pamela - Parent / Food Allergy

My name is Pamela Fernandez, I am the co-founder of Navigating Food Allergies. NFA was founded in 2015, out of the passion and love of our children who suffer from life-threatening food allergies. As parents and advocates, we wanted to do more to help others who suffer from this diagnosis. We put our resources together as support group leaders and NFA was born. Our mission is to spread awareness, education and advocate for all who have food allergies.

Mary - Vegan

Hi guys! My name is Mary. I am a law student who happened to stumble across a vegan cooking passion. I create recipes that are healthy, quick and easy to make.

Ryan - Athlete

Ryan is a professional mountain biker living in Boulder, Colorado. He loves getting up high in the mountains and challenging himself with long, grueling rides exploring places that few people see. Training 2-4 hours per day on his bike, Ryan eats a lot! His go-to snack is Barney Butter Bare Smooth on toast with raisins.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Bare Smooth

Sanaz - Parent / Healthy Eating

Wife, mom to two, attorney, runner, health junkie, foodie and overall just a girl who loves to cook, eat wholesome foods, and inspire others!

Alexa - Healthy Eating

Alexa runs the gluten free and plant-based food blog, Fooduzzi. She can almost always be found practicing yoga, cooking, or eating almond butter by the spoonful.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Bare Smooth

Brooke - Healthy Eating

I am a wife, mother and Certified Health Coach. I believe that each person deserves to feel and live their very best life each and every day. My goal as a Health Coach is simple: I help you to achieve YOUR goals in a happy, healthy and supported way

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Bare Crunchy

Georgie - Healthy Eating

I'm Georgie, a 20-something girl trying to help other awesome ladies find their health, joy & purpose for the long run. Oh and I guess I really like avocados, but I'm sure you could have guessed that.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Honey + Flax

Jereann - Parent / Food Allergy

Jereann Zann is the proud mother to a toddler with celiac disease. Her mission in founding Celiac Mama is to help other families navigate gluten-free living by providing resources, simple healthy recipes for families that are toddler friendly, tips for school and outings, and parenting advice so that families can return their focus to making life healthy, happy, and FUN for their kids.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:


Briana - Athlete / Healthy Eating

Hi! I’m Briana, a division one athlete + college student. I’m passionate about healthy living + nutritious foods, but I’m also a big believer in balance because everyone needs a little chocolate in their life! You can usually find me experimenting in the kitchen, falling over on my yoga mat, or trying a new fitness class.

Favorite Barney Butter Product:

Vanilla + Espresso

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